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Birthday Parties

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Would you like a Global Kids birthday party for your child?   From start to finish, we can create a wonderful experience for your child (to fit your budget)!  Just tell us what you’d like and we’ll do the rest!

Themes: World Explorers, Be a World Artist, Be a World Scientist, Be a French Artist, Let’s Learn French, Excited about English, and Mathematics Explorers


  • International/World Music
  • Games and Activities
  • International/World-themed decorations
  • Cake or Cupcakes
  • Beverages (bottled water, juice, soda)
  • Party Gifts for Guests

We can also arrange:

  • Bounce houses
  • Special locations
  • Catering
  • and more….

* Parties are available for all ages, even those who are kids at heart!   

   Reservations are required at least 3 weeks in advance.

   Contact us for a quote!

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